At Cherry Garden, 'The Curriculum' embodies all educational activities that we offer, both within and beyond the classroom. Our 'Three I's' - Intent, Implementation and Impact demonstrate the aims and goals of what we do, and how we hope to acheieve it. The page links below will take you to a range of information about our curriculm both in the Early Years Foundation stage (EYFS) and the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6.


EYFS Curriculum                                          National Curriculum



Pupils at Cherry Garden are Learning for Life. Our curriculum must do all that it can to meet every child’s social, emotional, physical and academic needs, while also preparing them to be upstanding members of society. In Learning for Life, our curriculum must ensure that pupils:


  • Continually develop excellence in their core academic skills in reading, writing and maths.
  • Develop a love for the wider curriculum subjects and build a knowledge base and skillset that makes links between the different subjects and develop a clear understanding of how this knowledge and skillset is helpful to them now and in the future.
  • Know how to care for themselves and others. This includes understanding their physical safety and care (including basic life skills) as well as their mental well-being, resilience and self-esteem.
  • Understand how to form and maintain healthy relationships and lifestyles.
  • Are given regular opportunities to excel in a personal strength.
  • Have their lives enriched by new and unusual experiences that they otherwise would not have the opportunity of doing.
  • Play a role in the local community by both understanding who and what is in their community, and make a positive difference in some way.
  • Begin to understand the world outside the UK and their responsibility as a global citizen.
  • Are driven individuals, who have high expectations of themselves and ambitious aspirations for their future.



  • In Reading, Writing and Maths, there is a clear ‘Cherry Garden Way’ which all classes follow and use.
  • All activities at the school are underpinned by the school’s six core values of Confidence, Happiness, Excellence, Respect, Resilience and You. These values are a strong feature of everyday life at Cherry Garden and are both visible and tangible in the work of the school.
  • Work in all subjects is carefully aligned to a progression of skills, knowledge and understanding. These learning areas match and exceed the expectations of the National Curriculum. Where appropriate, for example in PSHE, the school will utilise bought-in schemes of work to create that progression.
  • Through differentiation where appropriate, including the use of ‘Chilli Challenges’, work and tasks will be matched to the needs of the pupils so that it challenges and extends their current skills, knowledge and understanding. All pupils, no matter what their background, special educational need or disability, should have full access to an appropriate curriculum for them.
  • Curriculum enrichment is carefully matched to identified gaps or areas for further development and takes place across and outside of the school day.


Impact (Intended)

  • At all key data points, the performance of the school exceeds national benchmarks, including those for disadvantaged groups.
  • In subjects where there is no national benchmarking, there is clear evidence of a high-quality, progressive curriculum.
  • Pupils leave Cherry Garden with a broad range of interests, skills and experiences, which prepare them for both the next stage of their education and life in the modern world.
  • Pupils can explain how the curriculum of the school has enabled them to develop personally and academically and cite specific examples of how the school has engaged their interests and talents.
  • Pupils are motivated to independently continue their learning and expand their experiences beyond what is asked of them.