Medicine in school

There may be periods, during your child's time at Cherry Garden, when they require medication of one kind or another. This is something we can assist with but we have a clear set of guidelines for administering medication which we ask families to follow. The first step is to talk to us. Mrs Barnard, our administrator, handles all requests to administer medicine and we ask that she is the first point of contact for any new enquiries. If your child attends breakfast club then Mrs Harbury can handle any early morning enquiries.

Medicine can only be administered if a parent or carer has completed the appropriate permission form. A copy of this can be downloaded below along with a leaflet outlining our policy and procedures.

The following 'always' and 'never' points (taken from our leaflet) set out the main steps for families to be aware of.



Medicines Leaflet

This leaflet summarises our policy and was sent out to all families in November 2016. A copy will also be provided to all new families.

Permission Form

If you need us to administer medicine for your child, you will need to complete the form below in full.

Paper copies of this are available from the school office but you are free to print this form and complete it, if you wish to save time.

Click the form below to download.


Covid-19 Guide

A guide for what to do if someone in your household displays Covid-19 symptoms.