Our Values

Our six core values underpin all that we do at Cherry Garden. They are central to our work, behaviour and play. We use them, discuss them and celebrate them regularly, and they are one of the key things that make our school the special place that it is.



To try new things and challenge ourselves to be the best that we can

To stand up for what is right

To admit when we are wrong and say ‘sorry’



With ourselves

With our achievements and friendships

When others succeed



In our work and behaviour

In our attitude to life and learning

In our aspirations for the future



For ourselves and for others

For differences in people, ideas and beliefs

For the places where we live, learn and grow up



To stick at a task and not give up

To try again when things go wrong

To be positive when we face challenges



Are one of a kind

Deserve the very best

Are ‘Learning for Life’