About Us

Cherry Garden is a one form entry primary school that serves Bitton, Willsbridge, Oldland Common and the surrounding areas. We are very proud of our links with the local area and pride ourselves on the family feel that our school has. We firmly believe that all children are Learning for Life, and as such, we work very hard to give children an exciting and enriching all-round experience as well as striving for excellence in the core subjects.

We are passionate about inclusion - making sure that all children no matter their back, ability or family circumstances, should all have the chance to attend Cherry Garden and have the same experiences as their peers. These experiences will be everything from free sports clubs, to visits into the local community, to an exciting camp at the end of Year 6.

Over the last four years, our numbers of children on roll have steadily increased to the 188 pupils that we now have in school. This increasing popularity in the local area means that our numbers are set to grow further over the coming years, expecting to reach our capacity of 210 pupils in the near future.

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