Who are the governors and what is their role in school?

The governors are a group of local people who have put themselves forward to take a role in the running of the school. Governors are different from volunteers in that they have statutory responsibilities to fulfil and are an integral part of the school's leadership. The role of governor is unpaid and people put themselves forward to serve their community. Governors do not need to be experts in education - in fact, it is a real benefit to have other, complimentary, experience on the governing body.

Governors are responsible for (among other things) agreeing school policies, setting and monitoring the school budget and for securing positive outcomes for pupils. The governors delegate the day to day running of the school to the headteacher who, in turn, delegates certain responsibilities to other senior leaders and staff. However, the headteacher is ultimately accountable to the governors for the performance of the school.

Governors are there to both support the school and to challenge it to be the best it can for the sake of its pupils and community. We hope you find the information in this section useful and informative.

Pauline Dixon - Chair of Governors

Structure of the Governing Body

The governing body reconstituted in May 2015. The following membership structure has been agreed:


      • Two parent governors
      • One local authority governor
      • One staff governor
      • One headteacher
      • Seven co-opted governors
      • One clerk to the governors

Governor Newsletter



The governing body has agreed the following structure to conduct its work:

 Full Governing Body 

Meets at least 6 times per academic year and carries out all of the governing bodies business in line with Standing Orders document:  

  • setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction;
  • holding the headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and it’s pupils; and
  • overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure it’s money is well spent.
 Pay Panel Undertaking the performance management of the headteacher and ratifying staff pay decisions.
 Complaints / Exclusions /  Staff Grievance Panel This panel will be assembled if required in line with the terms of reference.


Governor Pecuniary and Business Register 2018 / 19 (the school has a statutory duty to display this information on its website) 

Governor Attendance (the school has a statutory duty to display this information on its website)

The first digit indicates the number of meetings attended, the second digit indicates the number of possible meetings they were expected to attend (this number may vary from governor to governor depending on their term of office).


2017 / 18

Full Governing Body Meetings 


2018 / 19

Full Governing Body Meetings

 Louise Didcott 7 / 9 4 /6
 Pauline Dixon N / A 6 / 6
 Sherilyn Elmes
6 / 9 4 / 6
 Emma Holland 5 / 6 4 / 6
 Tom Hutchings 9 / 9 6 / 6
 Cassie Perryman 7 / 9 4 / 6
 Tanya Smith N / A 5 / 6
 Sarah Wade  N / A 4 / 6
 Susan Weaver 6 / 9 5 / 6
 Vicki May - 6 / 6
 Sharon Godfrey - 3 / 3
 Clerk 9 / 9 6 / 6