A note about 2016 data

There has been a lot of disquiet in the teaching profession about changes to the testing and assessment system which took place in 2016. If you would like to see examples of the tests children were required to sit, they are available to view by clicking here. The National Association of Headteachers (NAHT) has recommended that schools display the following statement alongside their data for 2016:

The National Association of Head Teachers urges strong caution in the use of test data from primary schools in 2016. As a result of dramatic changes to the tests themselves and mistakes in their design, the data is not a reliable measure of school or pupil performance. It should not be compared to past years or to results in other schools. The government have also urged caution in the use of the results and have said that the 2016 results alone cannot be used for formal intervention in schools.


If you would like to view performance information about Cherry Garden Primary School, please visit the DFE site by following the link below. Information can be found about the number of children reaching the expected levels of attainment in each Key Stage. You are able to compare this with national averages as well as searching for other English schools.


2016 Performance Tables Information - download a copy here

Given the national controversy surrounding the 2016 results, our results for 2015 can be downloaded below. These give a clearer picture of the attainment and progress children were making prior to the introduction of the new assessment and testing arrangements.

2015 Performance Tables Information - download a copy here